What are the benefits of choosing to have a hand-painted sign?

A hand-painted sign is an excellent investment in the presentation of your business and It can really make you stand out from the over-saturated use of vinyl or laser-cut signs that are commonly utilised today.

A hand-painted sign is value for money. Other types of modern signage can fade or deteriorate in quality over time quite quickly, where as a hand-painted sign generally improves in appearance with age. Sign-writing enamel and gold leaf can last for years, and a weathered hand-painted sign is visually more interesting than faded plastic or vinyl. A hand-painted sign can also add an additional feel of authenticity and provenance to your brand.

I try to avoid using standard ‘fonts’ or ‘typefaces’ readily available in common software packages and instead go back to the hand drawn lettering styles from history. By drawing and painting the letters for my signs, I am able to offer your business something visually unique and timeless.

How do you price your signs?

I price my signs based on the time taken to produce the design, make the pattern, prepare any surfaces and signwrite the letters.

Detail is the main issue over the size of the letters. If you require a physical sign to be installed, the material desired will affect the material costs.

Can you work within a budget?

Yes, providing me with a budget in the first stages of your enquiry is an excellent way to help me tailor your project and indicate what can be achieved.

Please send me an email to russ@thesignartist.co.uk with the following information :

1. The rough dimensions of the sign.

2. Whether it is to be painted directly onto a surface on site, or whether you would like a sign making from timber, metal or toughened glass. Generally speaking, a shop front fascia sign produced in my studio is cheaper than me painting on site.

3. A rough indication of the lettering style. This could be shown through an attached image or describing an era for example. I am happy to offer my knowledge and passion for lettering to help you reach a decision about the overall impression you want your sign to achieve.

4. The wording you would like painted. 

5. Any painted effects you would like. For example a drop shadow, blended letters, outlines, distressed effects or gold leaf gilding. You can reference any examples shown in my portfolio or provide an example.

What information do you need to produce a Quotation?

This varies with each project and an estimation of time is given with the quotation. The complexity of the design, the level of detail desired and the surface to be painted on are all important factors when calculating timings. Generally speaking please allow 2-3 weeks from when a deposit is received.

How long does it take for you to produce a sign?

I can design your sign from scratch or you may want to provide me with a few ideas of your own. I require a deposit of 50% of the project value to proceed with designing.

It is important to me that you are happy with your sign, so I work closely with my clients to reach the best solution. After understanding what you are trying to achieve, I respond with sketches, historic examples and suggested lettering styles until you are happy with the artwork direction. I then develop these initial suggestions to produce a final design and digital mock-up which fully illustrates how your sign will appear in its unique context.

I want you to design my sign, how do you do this?

I can offer you my design services to create a re-brand of your new or established business. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Can you design my company logo and branding?

I can reinstate old signs by interpreting a ‘ghost sign’ (a faded sign from the past) or reconstruct a sign based on archival footage or photographs. 

Can you restore my old sign?

Providing the appropriate primer and surface preparation can be used, I can signwrite on most surfaces that are dry, stable and solid.

What surfaces can you signwrite on?

I hand-paint all my signs using lettering enamel or gilded with genuine gold leaf. I do not digitally produced signs such as printed DiBond or vinyl decals.

Can you make a vinyl sign or digitally printed sign?

Your sign can be couriered anywhere in the UK and beyond from my studio in Sheffield. A quotation for shipping can be provided on request.

Can my sign be delivered?

I can travel to you anywhere in the UK at additional travel and accommodation expenses. Please contact me for more information.

Will you travel to my location to signwrite?